Lord Mayor’s Parade (Email)

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From t.drake@anemailaddress.com  (not a real email address)
To Mrs.Brewster@hortonparkprimary.co.uk  (not a real email address)

Hi Carol,

I just have to say what a fantastic day Tansy and I had with Horton Park’s yrs 5 & 6 on Friday. What a great group! Iv’e been telling all my friends!

It was quite an ambitious project, I did have a few concerns that we may not complete in THREE hours! I have never worked alongside such a focusses and committed group of young people (and on a Friday!).
We met budding engineers with the designing and construction of the tables. I heard some great suggestions “…if we wrap the string in the diagonal…” and “it will be stronger if we bput the card this way…”
During the food preperations we didn’t just get burger and chips. I had a brilliant “healthy eating” conversations following my comment of lettuce, strips of carrot and oatmeal bread.
Other conversations, if I was the Queen… Why do we have a Queen?… and what my best party outfit will be…
Tansy and I were blown away with pride at the cupcakes and chocolate cake centrepieces. It all came together so naturally. Brilliant teamwork!
I can’t wait for the parade and I hope you don’t mind me sharing your pride?

Lets hope it doesn’t rain or as one girl said “…it could all end in mush!”

Well done team!

Go well

Tracy Drake – Workshop Facilitator

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Weekly Reporters 2

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today the school reporters would like to show their second newspaper,


Please remember all reports have been researched, written up and edited by the pupils.

On a side note, due to SATs it was down to the year 4 executive editors to proof read the newspaper this week, they found it very difficult but are allready looking forward to the 3rd paper.

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World Culture Day Blog

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World Culture Day Blog


On the 21st of May 2012 an exiting event will take place all around the world, called World Culture Day.

People all over the world will be learning about different cultures and religions by dressing up, eating different foods, finding out information about how different people live in different parts of the world.

There will be at least one million people taking part in this celebration!


In our school, Year 5 have organised a special assembly dedicated to this wonderful event.

We will be celebrating World Culture Day on the 1st of June 2012. We would like every class in school to join us in our celebration.


In Year 5, we have chosen India as our country. In our assembly we will be sharing information about:

  1. Wildlife in India

  2. The different festivals

  3. Different languages which are spoken

  4. Different religions

  5. Different foods

  6. Different clothing


How you can help us to celebrate World Culture Day


We would like each class to choose a country to explore. Each class will be given a special place in our whole school assembly on Friday1st June 2012, and you can share with us all the fabulous information that you have found out about your chosen country.


In this blog, we would like you to tell us what you think about World Culture Day and what ideas you have to celebrate this event in your class.


With diversity, the world is like a colourful flower ©

By Year 5

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Hannah Cockroft (EMAIL)

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Year 6 sent an email to Hannah Cockroft to let her know we are supporting her olympic campaign. This is her reply.
To: year6@hortonparkprimary.co.uk  (not a real email address)
From:  HannahCockroft@anemailaddress.co.uk (not a real email address)
Subject: RE: Support from Horton Park Primary School

Dear Miss. Bahadur and class six,
first, let me apologise for my massively late reply to your lovely email. I was away in Australia for the first two months of the year, and was only home for barely 3 weeks before flying off again to Portugal, both for warm weather training camps with the Great Britain Paralmypic team. But i am back in England now for a few weeks and so playing catch up with all the emails and letters i have recieved from my time away!
I feel very honoured that you have chosen to study me in your class topic and if i can inspire you then that is fantastic, as i am just doing what i love!
Thank you very much for being my campaign managers! That is a big help as this is an extremely busy year for me with lots going on, as you can see, as i am never in one place for long. I would really like to see your t-shirts, as i have been trying to design some myself for my family to wear in the summer, but im not the most creative of people, so its a bit of a struggle. ‘Team Cockroft’ has also been trying to create a slogan about me, so if you can think of any, that’d be great! All my little hurricanes need something to chant at the games. I like to make sure the world knows i mean business on the track.
So of course, if i can find a spare day, i would love to come and visit your class and see your work.
hope to hear from you all soon!


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Hannah Cockroft

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An amazing athlete called Hannah Cockcroft is going to take part in the London 2012 Paralympics. The sport that she is participating is wheelchair sprinting. Hannah is hoping to steal that first place medal but without us supporting her she might not be able to win. The popular paralympian is determined to win if we give her more support her dreams of winning the Paralympics will come true and she will become successful. This brilliant athlete will be representing Yorkshire and will be on the map.

If we support Hannah she will gain more self confidence and it will help her to succeed. Hannah is a fantastic paralympian and we would love her to win. She has speed and agility and we would all hope that her amazing talent wouldn’t go to waste. This woman is a role model to all our young viewers and we are very proud of her representing our country.

 Please leave a comment for Hannah on our blog to show much you have supported Hannah. Remember you wont regret your comment if you have any questions about Hannah Cockcroft leave it as a message.

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The Weekly Reporters

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Our Journalism club has published its first Newspaper, the children have been given their own roles from reporters / graphic artists up to executive editors and publishers. They decide on what news to report on and work collaboratively to create their final product.

Please click on the link below to download a PDF file of their first newspaper, please leave any constructive feedback / comments below.

(PDF files can be viewed using either ‘Foxit Reader’ or ‘Adobe Reader’ both can be found free on the internet.)

The Weekly Report 01


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New Year – 2012

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All the bloggers at Horton Park Primary would like to wish a Happy New Year to all our viewers and all the pupils at our school. Last half term blogging was a big success and we hope that this term it will be an even bigger success. What would you like us to write about? Let us know!

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Spotty Day (Children in Need)

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Spotty day


At horton park we came to school wearing something spotty ,we brought a pound in to donate towards children in need.All the teachers collect the money that was brought in to school and sent the money to children that need our help.The money that children and teachers brought in will help people to recover from there injurs.

It will help people with cancer, povity, and people with diseases many people die within every hour so they need our help to save them.At the beginning of the day we had an assembly about anti bulling and class 6 sung a rap. on spotty day we played party games such as pass the parcel ,sleeping logs, musical bumps and musical statues.

by The Blogging Group

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School Building

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On Monday 5th December builders will begin to extend our school. Yipee! The first bit will include building a new car park for visitors, parents and teachers to park in. We are having an assembly today to find out more about the building. Watch out for more information on our school website.

The Bloggers

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Black hills

During the last two weeks pupils have been going to Black hills from year 1 to year 6. Most of us had to wear non uniform because our school uniform would have got mucky and muddy. Everyone had to wear sensible clothes for example: jogging pants, jeans, hodies and t-shirts nothing to fancy. The school hires a coach to take us there and back. Once we got there, we put our bags on the wall and sit around a camp fire on a log. While we were sat on the logs we got given a shmores. Our guide Rhona gave us some hot chocolate before we went on our tour. After our hot chocolate we went on a tour and found object associated with our topics . For example: chopped down tree or something emerald like a ribbon. After half the day, we go into a enormous house and have our lunch. When we have finished our lunch we did some more activity’s around the camp fire. One of the activity’s was building mini dens for the wizard of Oz characters. The characters we had to build dens for were Glinder the fairy, Dorothy, the Tin-man, the Scarecrow, the Lion and the Wicked Witch of the west.


by The Blogging Group

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